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 Late Payment Letter for collecting late invoices fast and affordably

letters for chasing paymentWelcome to Late Payment Letter a unique service provided by one of the UK's leading debt collection and recovery companies. We collect overdue debts quickly and affordably, our service can actually work out free when you take into account you may be entitled to statutory Interest and compensation and a quick change to your terms and conditions - see the Late Payment Letter page for full details.

Debt collection can be an expensive process The majority of the time a debtor will pay immediately after being contacted by an established debt recovery company via letter / phone (we include a phone call, SMS and email to the debtor at no extra charge).  A single Solicitors letter is around £150 + VAT and is usually pretty ineffective. At just £24.95 our service offers fantastic value for money and delivers real results fast.

Our collection letters service is tailor made to suit creditor requirements, we do not use templates. Our full contact details appear on the letter along with our main website  If your debtor contacts us we will deal with them accordingly and press for immediate payment. We will also if needed see the case all the way to The County Court, and enforce the debt through our main company if required* There are cheaper collection letter services available, but non offer the degree of expertise, success rate or service we do.

Have a look through this site to see how you could collect your overdue debts, quickly, effectively and for only £24.95 GBP.

*service charged separately

100% refund available
If your debt has to be transferred to our main debt recovery company for specialist collection, we will refund your £24.95 fee against any success fee.
Bespoke letter not templates
We don't use template letters like some other companies, each letter is drafted individually taking into account the specifics of each debt.

More than just a letter
Demands for payment are sent via letter, phone, email and SMS text message.

Expert advice
All our debt collection letter clients benefit from our expert advice regarding legally collecting your debts.

Credit Check your New Customers
With our latest Software we can provide a detailed credit report on your potential new customers, minimising the risk of bad debts. more>>>
Specialist Debt Recovery Services
We provide a skip tracing service to locate absconded debtors, prepare and serve Statutory Demands as well as charging orders, third party debt orders, attachment of earnings and seizing goods under warrant. more>>>

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